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"The old saw goes like this: Jazz is a conversation. If that’s true, members of the Eloá Gonçalves Trio are whispering. Casa is a quiet take on the piano-trio setting with a subdued bearing that belies its acute musicality.

If Gonçalves’ strength across Casa is evoking warmth and calm, it peaks here [Choro de pai e mãe], leaving listeners wondering what the composer might do with an even fuller roster of musicians.”


“Her music offers the real depth, it can impress. It seems clear why at home in Brazil, Eloá collected festival awards, performed with several symphony orchestras, and quickly began to establish herself as a sidewoman of jazz and pop performers.

Eloá moves in the fairly usual common space of jazz mainstream, inspired by classics and "blood" Latin music. However, well above the average, the melodic invention elevates the recording, in addition to the gentle moodiness and emotionality of the speech.”


"The strong connection to classical music is quite surprising since you have Bossa and Latin Jazz in mind with a Brazilian musician. "Nostalgia" also moves in similar musical water as "Graz". One thinks to be closer to the music of the north, represented by Grieg and Sibelius, than to the easy melodic setting of romanticism and neo-romanticism."


“The debut album of the Brazilian pianist Eloá Gonçalves, who lives in Graz, approaches us gently, carefully, with a jazz piano trio waltz, which takes all the time to develop in the most pleasant 11 minutes. With "Casa" Eloá Gonçalves has created eight compositions that reflect this feeling musically.

Another highlight: Dori Caymmi "Desenredo" in jazz piano trio version.”


“Eloá Gonçalves is a wonderful pianist and an ideal partner for Meller's conceptual approach, providing beautiful melodic layers that carry the trumpet voicing. Her soloing is also exceptionally well structured and compliments the music every step of the way.”

POLISH JAZZ BLOGSPOT, by Adam Baruch. About “Reflections” - Kaya Meller Quartet´s debut album

"Gonçalves knows how to skillfully seduce with her melodic and brilliant compositions that shine in a wide variety of musical colors". 

ORF RADIO BROADCAST - by Christian Bakony.

Vienna, AUSTRIA.

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