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In collaboration with Luis Oliveira (drums), Tobias Steinrück (double bass), Mathilde Vendramin (cello, vocals), and Jakob Helling (flugelhorn), the pianist and composer released in April 2023 the album "Sobre o que move as coisas" ("About what moves us"), once more under the Austrian label Alessa Records.

The quintet has been performing in Austria and also in Brazil, where Eloá lives currently.

In Brazil, the quintet presents some of the most important musicians of the jazz scene in São Paulo: 

Daniel D'Alcântara on flugelhorn, Tatiana Parra on vocals, Paulinho Vicente on drums, and Iury Batista on double bass. 


A lapse. An emptiness. A blow.

A pencil that finds what to write between one rain and another. That speaks of someone who left, of what never arrived, of a happy girl, of hopefulness, of breaths, of the end, and of a new beginning.


No. Emptiness is not as bad as it often seems.

It moved things. It expelled what was inside out.

And so, “About what moves things” was born.

An album arising from the subtle movement in the tender space of feeling.


Some of these pieces were composed during my period of lockdown in Austria, between March and April 2020 (“Over weird times suite”). Others, the result of the early departure of a loved one and the late discovery of how much she taught me (“Terezinha” ). Others, inspired by musicians and composers that I admire and speak to my soul (“Choro pra Tati” and “Alegre Menina”). Others, about the presentiment of the end of a cycle (“Almost the end”).

Finally, about the incessant search for what moves things and fulfill the soul: “About what moves things”.



(Eloá Gonçalves. November, 2022)

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